General English Courses

General English Courses cover all aspects of the English language: skills, grammar as well as cultural content.

General English

We operate all levels simultaneously over the year from Elementary to Advanced. Course programmes are adapted to the respective levels.

General English is given in open group courses at our school, or online. Open groups start throughout the year, depending on registrations. These courses are semi intensive, with 10 hours per week of classes. Each full level takes 120 hours, so students can progress one full level in 3 months.

Timing of these classes is predefined by the school, and available times depend on the level.

Skills Training

All our skills programmes can be given as stand-alone courses (in either English or Portuguese), or as an add-on to a language training programme.

Study Skills

Presentation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Writing Skills

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Are you a business?

Lynden also provides customized courses to address specific business requirements. Each organization has unique needs and objectives, and by focusing on relevant business scenarios, industry-specific vocabulary, and effective communication strategies, we help your team build the skills necessary to thrive in their roles.

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