The methodology used by this institution was developed for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults primarily by the University of Cambridge, who pioneered training courses specifically for this purpose.


The methodology used is based on methods developed over the years in English Language Teaching and are recognized as being efficient in teaching English to Adults and Young Learners. We use a range of course books, multimedia and online skills development in order to offer an exciting and interesting environment conducive to language learning.

Size of Classes

Maximum class size is 14, thus offering every opportunity for the learner to practice his/her speaking skills.

Professional Staff

Lynden Language School teachers are native speakers and hold internationally recognized qualifications for teaching English as a Foreign Language – the CELTA – University of Cambridge Certificate for English Language Teaching to Adults. This Certificate is awarded upon passing an intensive face-to-face course which covers theory and practice. Teachers are observed by tutors and peers in real-life classes. The Certificate is only awarded if the EFL teachers are of the required standard in practice and theory.

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