English for your Business

Each organization has unique needs and objectives, which is why our courses are customized to address your specific requirements.

Language Training for Corporate Teams

When it comes to language training, we understand the importance of addressing your unique concerns. Whether your employees are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, our experienced trainers will assess their proficiency and tailor the training accordingly. We also recognize that certain industries require technical language expertise, and our programs can be customized to incorporate industry-specific terminology and concepts. Moreover, we focus on improving both spoken and written communication skills, ensuring a well-rounded development for your team.

Flexible Training Options

We offer flexibility in training delivery to meet your company’s needs. In addition to general English courses, at our school, you can choose to have any training conducted at Lynden or on-site at your premises, allowing for a convenient and immersive learning experience. Alternatively, if you prefer a hybrid approach, we provide the option to supplement in-person training with online classes, creating a hybrid learning environment that maximizes convenience without compromising effectiveness.

Our Clients
Business English

Courses may be designed to include specific professional language areas or skills, such as language for:

Oil and Gas
The legal field
Banking and Finance
And many more

Corporate Training

In addition to language skills, we also provide specific skills courses.

Customer Service Courses

Intercultural Training

Company Culture

Presentation Skills

Excel Skills

Negotiation Skills and Strategies

Portuguese for International Staff

We offer highly competitive prices on an hourly basis. Courses can be taught at our institution, online or in-house. Timetables are flexible so as to accommodate staff and company organisation.

These courses can be given as stand-alone courses (in either English or Portuguese), or as an add-on to a language training programme.

Level Assessment

We analyse the companies’ or Government departments’ English language needs and assess learners’ language level so as to place them in groups for maximised learning.

Level Assessment is free of charge for corporate groups.

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