Intercultural Training

Lynden provides training solutions to overcome different types of cultural barriers.

The competitive edge

In today’s international market companies increasingly work with multiple cultures, be it with international clients or employees from different cultures working together:

  • — Understand different business values
  • — Understand different perceptions of effective collaboration
  • — Recognize and adapt to different styles of communication
  • — Gain knowledge of how to motivate the international client or colleague
  • — Manage expectations and bridge cultural differences
  • — Express yourself clearly and confidently in front of various nationalities
  • — Learn how to structure your presentation
  • — Create strong openings and conclusions
  • — Understand the culture of the host-country
  • — Get the skills to interact in new ways in order to establish new networks
  • — Manage teams and motivate local employees more effectively

These short term courses and workshops can be organized in conjunction with general language courses, giving your employees the competitive edge they need.

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Intercultural Training

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We offer highly competitive prices on an hourly basis. Courses can be taught at our institution, online or in-house. Timetables are flexible so as to accommodate staff and company organisation.

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